February 27, 2012

Tickle My Tush {featured book}

Tickle My Tush is a light introduction to anal play and stimulation geared to the uninitiated. With an emphasis on pleasure oriented fun, and written in an inviting, reassuring tone, this book will speak to those interested in exploring and expanding their sensual, sexual pleasure life, whether it be through a stress relieving buttocks massage, or a more adventuresome play with the anus.

Throughout the book, the focus is on going slow, staying safe, and listening to your own level of comfort. As studies report that anal sex is at a higher rate than ever, while some point out that young women may in turn feel a sense of pressure to engage in it against their own comfort levels, I welcome this book's emphasis on sticking with what feels comfortable to you. This is a good message to send to all young women and men venturing into anal sex. I agree with the author, Sadie Allison, that this book could also be a suitable one for couples to read together in bed for inspiration. And yes, it could also be a good fit for readers uncomfortable with descriptive, accurate words for sex and anatomy, though I personally prefer and advocate for the use of accurate terms for all body parts, including our genitals, and not euphemisms, no matter how "fun" the coined up terms may be.

But then again, the emphasis here is on fun and easygoing. It is also extremely heteronormative, in a stereotypical man-on-woman model at that. There is some information on women exploring their male partner's anus, but the focus is definitely on men doing the opposite. And there is no information about same-sex anal play.

I also would have liked some (important!) information on safer sex toys. While the significance of lubrication is stressed and which kinds of lubes to avoid, there is no such information included about the vibrators, beads, butt plugs, and dildos presented (and there are many you might want to avoid; see sex writer Violet Blue's comprehensive post for a detailed account).

There are other more in-depth resources available for people interested in exploring anal sex. Tristan Taormino is an acknowledged sex educator on the topic. But as a tongue-in-cheek novelty gift to a friend or to yourself, littered with cartoon illustrations of a lean and curvy woman with her hunky stud, Tickle My Tush could be a fun and easy introduction to expanding your sexual life by exploring the pleasures of your behind. It certainly won't hurt you to read it. And it will only take a short hour.

(I was asked by Tickle Kitty to review this book. A copy was sent to me for free in exchange for an unbiased review, links, and ad space. This review is in compliance with FTC guidelines.)

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